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Our expert's monthly update on the fintech, edtech and software industries.

Fintech use is higher than video streaming and social media

In a challenging and competitive environment, innovation and reinvention are the biggest chances to stand out. Explore the main challenges and barriers financial institutions and start-ups face when implementing new technologies.

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Improving digital experience by breaking up data silos

Breaking down data silos can improve digital experiences, but doing so requires a company-wide effort. From technical integration to changes in management and company culture, get relevant food for thought on implementing changes in this article.

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VR development in fintech and banking

Virtual reality (VR) is a very promising technology, and it can revolutionize almost any industry. Check out what fintech companies are doing in VR development that's revolutionizing fintech as much as banking.

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What makes a team successful

Our new Chief Operating and People Officer, Damian Tanenbaum, chatted to us about what makes a team successful. With a proven and impressive 25-year background in the field, he talks about working smart, establishing good communication channels, effective & streamlined processes, and successful teams.

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Big bank investments are leading a new wave of disruption

Big banks are creating a new disruption with massive investments in tech. Yet, how do they best allocate budgets to meet global goals for the period? Read on proposed partnerships bound to exceed at meeting diverse targets with innovative excellence.

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World-class talent: Creating women leaders in technology

Johana Saldarriaga is an accomplished Full Stack Developer from Colombia with a relentless drive and passion. Our second entry in our World-class Talent series is written by our Chief of Staff and highlights women leaders in technology. Read on their technical expertise, tenacity, and humanity.

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